What is porting?

Porting is the process of taking your phone number away from your current carrier and moving it to another carrier, such as c2cvoip.  c2cvoip will work closely with one of our hosted carriers to port in your numbers so you can then use them on our service.

How long does it take c2cvoip to port our numbers?  

Although we tell our customers to plan for 30 days the porting process often happens much sooner.  After we submit the port documents and they are approved we are given schedule options.  When scheduling a port we try our best to account for all factors. These factors include phones being ordered and available, required cabling and network hardware is in place, location of installation is ready and available, and customer is ready for services.

Can I expedite a port?

Ensuring the information you submit to us is accurate will greatly increase the speed of a port.  There are special circumstances where expedition is possible. It is best to work with your c2cvoip representative and communicate all your needs to him or her.

Can I keep and port all my phone numbers?

As long as you own them you can port them and transfer them to your new service. This includes fax numbers, regular numbers, and toll free numbers.

Can I port my toll free numbers?


Telecom laws have been enacted that make a toll free number belong to the customer and not the phone company. This allows toll free numbers to be ported like other regular phone numbers.

How hard is the number porting process?

For the customer the porting process is very simple. Once an Authorization to Port form is filled out and submitted to us in the paperwork process we do all the work.

The key to a fast and successful port is ensuring that all the information on the Authorization to Port form is filled out accurately and the information matches exactly the information that is on your current phone bill. We will also request a copy of the phone bill so we can include it in the port submittal.

If I leave c2cvoip do I get to take my phone numbers with me?


Your phone numbers are always yours. You can always take them with you regardless of the VoIP service provider you choose to use.

When can I cancel service with my current carrier?

You must wait until your numbers have been completely ported before calling to cancel or changing any services with your current provider.

If you make any changes to your account during the port process our request to port can be denied which will only prolong the process.