Business VoIP Phone Systems for the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is way ahead of the game when it comes to business VoIP phone systems. Insurance companies large and small see the huge benefits and savings in low cost calling and no cost phone system maintenance. The c2cvoip Business VoIP Phone System allows insurance companies to better manage their costs which results in bigger profits.

Why insurance companies are reaping the benefits of switching to c2cvoip’s hosted VoIP phone system:

  • Increased Profits: The Insurance industry is a heavy call volume business. Free local and long distance calling with the lowest international calling rates saves the insurance industry a boat load of money. The insurance industry has seen huge savings in the cost of doing business by switching from traditional phone systems to hosted VoIP phone systems. According to industry experts insurance companies have lowered their communications costs by 40% when switching to a VoIP phone system like c2cvoip’s.
  • Increase Customer Service Levels: The huge increase in features when using business VoIP phone systems allows insurance companies to take their customer service to the next level. The collaboration of voice, video, faxing, file sharing, conferencing, and call management allows insurance professionals to better serve customers. The use of a collaborative hosted VoIP solution heavily increases customer satisfaction which equals higher customer retention.
  • Next Level Call Center Solutions: Insurance Companies spend big money on equipment and service for dedicated call centers. The c2cvoiip Hosted Call Center solution takes away those costs and heavily increases call center features for the fraction of the cost. Since the call center solution is hosted insurance companies can have agents sitting anywhere in the world working on the same call center system. The c2cvoiip Hosted Call Center solution is seamless and easy to manage.
  • Expandability: The c2cvoip VoIP phone service makes expansion easy for the insurance industry. With a hosted PBX solution there is no hardware to manage or maintain. Insurance companies can easily open new branches in new markets and have their communication systems up and running the same day. The c2cvoip VoIP System is completely plug & play, which makes moves, adds, and changes fast and cost free.
  • Cost Savings & Easy Control: With offices spread throughout the country or even the world, insurance companies heavily benefit from having every office and every employee on one integrated system. Imagine the hardware, service, and maintenance costs of having numerous offices on separate traditional phone systems? With the c2cvoip Business VoIP Phone System all calls between branches are free. Even for international locations! Plus you can administer the entire system and every phone on it by simply logging into a user friendly cloud based panel.

I was real skeptical about moving my communications services to c2cvoip because I could not believe the cost savings. I didn’t think it could be a quality service with all the features they promised for the price they quoted me. I was wrong. I now have a better service, more features, and I am saving big time. Thank you c2cvoip!

Chris Severance, Severance Insurance Services
c2cvoipBusiness VoIP Phone Systems for the Insurance Industry