Business VoIP Phone Systems for Sport Industries

The Sports Industry is one of the strongest and fastest growing sectors of the US economy. Golf Clubs, Sport Venues, Sport Agencies, Training Facilities, and Team Franchises simply cannot do business without reliable cost effective business communications. The Sport Industry heavily favors VoIP communications because of its reliability, flexibility, and cost savings.

Why the Sport Industry loves the c2cvoip’s Hosted VoIP Phone System:

  • Save Money: Golf Clubs all over the country are turning to a hosted VoIP phone system simply to save money and increase profits. Golf Clubs are known to have heavy inbound call volume over a toll free line. Nothing compares to the low cost per minute of a VoIP phone system. The c2cvoip Business VoIP System allows Golf Clubs to better manage those incoming calls while maintaining a high level of customer service.
  • Mobility: Companies within the sports industry are mobile, always on the move, and fast changing. No traditional phone system can compare to the flexibility and expandability of a VoIP phone system. Employees can take their VoIP phones anywhere in the world, plug them in and go to work. Employees can also transfer all phone activity out to their mobile phone to ensure no communications is missed.
  • Flexibility: Many sports venues have phones in numerous areas that are rarely used. With a VoIP phone system c2cvoip has the flexibility to create custom plans to support those areas and save money on the service and hardware.
  • No Contracts: The Sports Industry is a big fan of no contracts. Since the industry is always changing it does not make good business sense to get into a long term contract and commitment. The c2cvoip Business VoIP System comes with a month to month commitment. The system can be scaled up and down at will without having to worry about breaking a contract and paying cancelation fees.

We just finished a very expensive 3 year contract with a tradition phone system company and it was very painful. We switched two of our golf courses over to the c2cvoip Business VoIP System and it was a great move for us. We saved lots of money and put ourselves into a simple month to month contract. c2cvoip has provided us with a great system that is custom tailored to our industry needs.

Jim Stull, Arrowood Golf Course
c2cvoipBusiness VoIP Phone Systems for Sport Industries