Business VoIP Phone Systems for Retail

Retail businesses see many advantages with using VoIP for their phone systems, point of sale machines and localized photo number support. With so many benefits geared to support the retail industry a hosted phone solution is really the only way to go.

Why retail businesses are quickly making the move to VoIP phone systems:

  • Big Savings: By using the internet, VoIP calls are significantly less expensive than traditional phone service. Average retailers save up to 55% on their telecommunications expenses. Not only is the service cheaper, but so is the maintenance and service on the system.
  • Simplicity: VoIP services offers a hosted fax, no need to print every fax sent to you, your faxes are designated to an email so you always have an electronic copy. There is less room for mistakes and lost orders. The phones are plug & play, so your business is up and running immediately.
  • Better Service Experience: Automated Attendants give your customers a better service experience when there is a high volume of calls during peak sales season. You can make it easier to reach the right person and reduce call volume for your busiest departments.
  • Connect Locations: You can transfer calls between different devices, extensions, and locations ensuring that customers receive a seamless experience. Your calls between local and long distance locations are free.
  • Low Start-Up Cost: You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to get your communications system up and running with VoIP. You just need to buy phones and pay a monthly service fee. You can expand the system as your company grows. VoIP will decrease your startup costs substantially.

My new business needed a phone system and I received some large numbers for a traditional phone system. When I called c2cvoip all I needed to do was order phones and sign a month to month agreement. My phones showed up at my business configured and ready for plug and play. As soon as I plugged them in I was in business. Too easy!

Randy Perkins, CTI Research
c2cvoipBusiness VoIP Phone Systems for Retail