Toll Free Numbers

Free yourself from those huge toll-free bills!

Our toll-free rates are so competitive you do won’t even notice them.

Benefits of toll-free numbers:

  • Customer Satisfaction:
    A toll free number makes it simpler for your customers to contact you and get their needs met. They’ll be able to quickly call you and it won’t cost them a thing. The easier you make it for your customers to reach you, the more likely they are to remain a customer and continue to do business with you.
  • Credibility:
    Toll free numbers aren’t just for big businesses anymore. They are for every company no matter the size and location. A toll free number gives your business credibility and enhances your company’s image. You could be working out of your home and no one would know. People are also more likely to pick up the phone and call a business if they have a toll-free number on their website or marketing material.
  • Portability:
    With a toll free number, location doesn’t matter. You can be anywhere. You can still be reached by your toll free number regardless of where you are located, and once you purchase a toll free number it’s yours forever. Even if you change providers, you can take your toll-free number with you. A toll-free number gives you continuity and stability.
  • Easy To Remember:
    Another benefit of having a toll free number for your business is that it’s much easier to remember than any other number. Your customers will memorize it and it makes it easier for them to contact you.
  • Affordability:
    Thanks to VoIP phone systems toll-free numbers are easy to set up and affordable for everyone. You can cut your toll-free bill down 50 to 75 percent by transitioning to a VoIP phone solution.
  • National Presence:
    Make sure you’re accessible to your national customers by giving them a simple, cost-free way to reach you when they have questions about buying your product.

I hated seeing my toll-free bill every month. It was actually the largest line item on my monthly bill. Being in the service industry I have seen this bill grow and grow higher over the past few years. I switched to the c2cvoip VoIP phone system and now my toll-free bill is a fraction of what it was. It all adds up real quick. With c2cvoip my cost per minute on toll-free calls went to pennies!

Kevin Johnson, Baja Ride Company
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