Business VoIP Phone Systems for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies heavily benefit from the features, pricing, and scalability of VoIP phone systems. Manufacturing companies are fast moving, always changing, and require flexibility from their communications systems. Every manufacturing employee regardless of skill set will see an increase in production and organization when using a business VoIP solution.

Why manufacturing companies rely on c2cvoip’s VoIP phone systems for success:

  • Customization:
    The manufacturing industry has many employees with different skill sets. Some are heavy phone users and some rarely touch the phone. c2cvoip customizes hardware and system needs per employee and/or department. This customization saves money and ensures employees have the tools best suited for their job responsibilities.
  • Save Money:
    Manufacturing companies often have multiple locations and some of those locations could be in other countries. The c2cvoip Hosted PBX System saves manufacturing companies huge money by offering free local and long distance calling with the lowest international rates in the industry.
  • Flexibility:
    The number of employees at a manufacturing plant is a moving target. It is not uncommon for a manufacturing company to hire or lay off 100’s of employees in a short time depending on the season, new product releases, or change in the business. The flexibility and expandability of the c2cvoip Hosted PBX System allows companies to ramp up or down quickly, which is a huge savings in money, time, and resources.
  • Increase Productivity:
    c2cvoip’s Phone System offers a huge list of features that help manufacturing employees be more productive. Features like advanced call management, call routing, voice mail to email, custom directories, file sharing, and the collaboration of services from one central control panel makes manufacturing employees more productive and more organized.

Before switching to c2cvoip making changes to our phone system was expensive and time consuming. We had to plan far in advance just to add new employees. With our new system we can add and remove users with the click of the mouse. Plus getting support and assistance is real easy. The technical support team at c2cvoip is always ready to help us. Switching to a VoIP system was a great move for us.

Sean Flowers, Manufacturing Plant Manager
c2cvoipBusiness VoIP Phone Systems for Manufacturing