PBX SIP Trunking

Want to keep your phone system? No Problem!

Switch your telco phone lines to SIP trunks and save big!

SIP Metered Plans $15.00 per month (min.)
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SIP Unmetered Plans $25.00 per month (min.)
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There is no doubt you are over-paying for those old phone lines coming into your PBX. When you switch from old POTS lines to SIP trunks not only do you save money, but you also take your communications systems to the next level.

Benefits of switching to SIP trunks:

PBX Integration: Eliminate the need to purchase separate voice and data circuits while leveraging your existing IP PBX investment. Purchase only the trunks you need.

Optimized Bandwidth: Voice compression and dynamic bandwidth allocation optimize bandwidth usage. Choose the bandwidth that meets your business needs.

Free Calling: Make all your calls anywhere in the US and Canada for a low flat fee.

Fast and Easy Set Up: Our professional team makes switching to SIP trunks fast and easy. Easily change, add and manage voice features online, in real time, from anywhere using a secure, intuitive web portal.

Low Cost Flat Rate: There are no secrets. You pay one low flat rate which makes managing your business easy.

Easy Scalability: Full scalability to evolve and grow as your company grows. There is no wasted money. SIP trunks are virtual lines so you only pay for what you use.

Security: Anti-fraud system that monitors the system and provides protection against call fraud.

Greater Reliability: With SIP trunks calls can be routed to pre-determined locations if a primary office location goes offline for any reason. Redundancy equals more stability and reliability. Imagine how much money a business could lose if their phone system is down for even the smallest amount of time.

No Contract: No minimum contract period or surprises on your bill.

Get Ahead: Eventually all old telco lines are going away. So every business will have to eventually make the move to SIP Trunking. Now’s the time to start a partnership!

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“We are a small business with 10 pots lines going into an old Nortel Norstar PBX system. I was shocked to see how much ATT&T was charging us for these basic phone lines. Our system works great and we own it so we do not want to get rid of it. We switched to c2cvoip Trunk Lines and lowered our monthly bill 40%. We saved money and we now have a vendor we trust that is accessible and easy to work with.”

Mike Corns, US Pats Unlimited
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