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There is no doubt that the future of business communications is in the cloud. In fact eventually all those copper telephone lines will be obsolete and every business will use data lines for phone calls. Cloud PBX phone systems have many benefits for business of all sizes! Small businesses get a big business communications system at a low cost, while big businesses see huge savings with an increase in features that add efficiency to the work place.

What is a Cloud PBX?

A cloud PBX is essentially a complete phone system that is hosted in a data center. The entire service is provided through the internet instead of a phone line. This means there is no phone system to buy, manage, or maintain. The cloud PBX phone system works with your existing internet service to provide a complete hosted phone system with countless valuable features and benefits.

The Benefits of a Cloud PBX

Up-Front Cost Savings: There is no huge capital investment like there is when buying a traditional phone system. Which means your business can use that capital for more important things.

Ongoing Cost Savings: Most businesses that switch to a cloud PBX see huge savings in their monthly communications costs. Unlimited local & long distance calling with low cost toll-free minutes means huge ongoing monthly savings. A cloud PBX is also operated and maintained by your provider. Traditional phone systems break, and need to be repaired and maintained by a professional. All those costs go away with a cloud PBX system.

Technology: With a cloud PBX you are always getting the latest and greatest technology without having to buy new hardware. Since the cloud PBX is hosted you will grow and expand with the technology as it enhances.

Scalability: A cloud PBX system scales as your business grows one user at a time. You do not have to over-buy or over-build for the future. You also know your price per seat as you grow so you can easily plan and budget for growth and expansion.

Feature Rich: A cloud PBX gives you a huge amount of features that can be used to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Features that can make your business look more professional and help your employees being more successful.

Easy to Manage: With no hardware to manage the set up and maintenance of the cloud PBX is minimal. The entire system can be managed from a simple to navigate web portal. Adding new users and making changes to the system can be done in seconds.

Mobility: Since the cloud PBX system is hosted your employees can work from the home, the office, or be on the go and still be a part of the office communications system. A cloud PBX is also the perfect solution for companies that have multiple geographical locations because all locations can be integrated and collaborate together.

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I was referred to c2cvoip by one of their current customers. They came right out to my office and did a walk through, and evaluate my current phone bill and current phone system. They really showed me how I was over-paying for my current system and how going with a cloud PBX would benefit my business. I could never imagine going back to an on-premise phone system.

Jack Bauer, MPLS
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