Our VoIP Service is Secure and Protected

All devices and systems connected to the internet are constantly exposed to security risks, and VoIP phone systems are no different. A single un-protected element can jeopardize the entire network security and stability. We take the steps to ensure our customers are protected.

sipPROT Protection System

Our sipPROT system does constant, LIVE SIP Traffic monitoring. After an attack is detected, sipPROT updates the firewall rules and blocks IP addresses from which the attack is coming, for a specific amount of time. If attacks stop in a certain period of time, sipPROT unblocks that IP addresses automatically. This allows sipPROT to block attacks more efficiently than most other solutions. In case of an attack the it will notify the administrator right way. In addition, sipPROT generates reports and sends them to the administrator every hour.

Key features:

  • Advanced Attack Detection
  • Pattern Recognition
  • TFTP Brute Force Detection
  • SIP Protocol Anomaly Detection
  • Black List / White List
  • Admin Notifications
  • Dynamic Configuration
  • Dynamic Block/Unblock of IPs
  • Real Time SIP Monitoring


  • Data Protection: Keep your system data protected and prevent intrusions, data leaks and data misuse.
  • Investment Protection: Protect the system you paid for and prevent the money loss caused by intrusions and system abuse.
  • Customer Protection: Protect your customers data and build a long term, trust based relationship that will be of benefit to both parties.
  • Higher System Up-Time: Keep your system up and running, preventing all kinds of attacks that could cause your system to fail.
  • Better Performance: Prevent customer complaints and low system performance caused by the network attacks.
  • Network Security: By securing your SIP phone system drastically improve the overall security of the entire company network.

It has been a great relationship with c2cvoip. Their VoIP system is rock solid and everyone they have on staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. They always go above and beyond to make sure my needs are met. I highly recommend their service!

John Cowan, APR Solutions