Unified Communications

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Transform how you interact with your customers, co-workers, and business relationships by integrating voice, video, data, messaging, conferencing, mobility, and more. Imagine the increase in productivity by having all your communications tools collaborating in one easy to use application.
Our Communicator allows you to turn your phone system into a powerful tool.

Complete Unified Communications using one desktop application.

unified communications software

Communicator Features:

  • SIP Phone Integration
  • Unlimited Voice Calls
  • Instant Text Messaging
  • Unlimited Faxing
  • Communicator Address Book
  • SoftPhone Client
  • Online Presence Status
  • Call On Available
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Data Encryption
  • Browser Integration
  • Privacy Management

Communicator Benefits:

  • Reduce Costs: Get rid of that overly expensive phone system and huge phone bills!
  • Technological Upgrade: Our Communicator creates a modern office communications system retaining the classic phone system experience.
  • Smooth Communication: Enjoy high quality calls, faxing, instant messages, seamless contact entries and voicemail inbox GUI.
  • Standardized Controls: All phone calls related actions made in Communicator are controlled using the desk phone, same as you used to.
  • Efficiency: Focus on the important stuff by efficiently managing your business communications using Communicator.
  • Contact Management: Keep your PBX, Outlook, Google and Apple contacts in the intuitive Communicator Click-to-Dial interface.
  • Availability Control: Plan phone calls, control your time and define availability using the Communicator’s Presence panel functionality.
  • Increased Productivity: Communicator’s tools and features will save time, lower costs, and reduce stress levels.
  • CRM Integration: MS Outlook, Miscrosoft Exchange, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Bullhorn, and Zendesk

c2cvoip made me realize that there are many ways to use my communications systems to make my employees more efficient.  I could never imagine not having my Communicator to manage my services and tasks.  It just makes life much easier and less stressful.

Scott Sullivan, OEO Management
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