Business VoIP Phone Systems for Law Offices

There is no doubt that business VoIP phones systems are the now and future of communications for law firms of all sizes. Laws offices heavily benefit from having one integrated system that allows easy and effective management of all voice, data, and video services at the same time. The c2cvoip Business VoIP Phone System gives law offices the value, features, and flexibility to successfully grow.

Why law offices use c2cvoip’s VoIP phone systems to take their business to the next level:

  • Huge Cost Savings: Law offices are heavy phone users. Having unlimited local and long distance calling for one low flat monthly fee is a huge benefit. This allows law office to easily manage budgets without being nickel and dimed for every little service.
  • Maintenance Free: Many law offices do not have an IT person on staff. Having a phone system that is cloud based means no hardware costs, no equipment to manage, and no expensive service call fees. You save money and get a provider that can make quick system adjustments remotely.
  • Always Mobile: Many law firms have mobile and/or remote employees, offices, or partners. The c2cvoip Phone System allows law offices to utilize their communications systems from anywhere in the world without extra costs.
  • Collaborative Services: The c2cvoip Desktop Communicator is built for organization and efficiency. Having chat, conferencing, faxing, calling, call routing, and voicemail in a single integrated application makes law firm employees more productive.
  • Easy Reporting: The c2cvoip hosted PBX service makes billing and recording calls easy and accurate. The reporting feature provides full documentation to support billing requirements.
  • Guaranteed Quality: The c2cvoip hosted PBX service is built to support mission critical communication systems. Our law office customers choose us because they demand high system reliability, security, quality, and world class customer service.

When we contacted c2cvoip we were looking for more than just some phones on a desk. We wanted a system that would grow with us as we expanded. We also wanted a full solution that was designed to support our specific needs and how we do business. Our c2cvoip phone system has been rock solid from the beginning. We appreciate how they do business and how they support us when we have changes. It has been a great relationship.

Jim McNeil, Attorney of Law
c2cvoipBusiness VoIP Phone Systems for Law Offices