Unlimited Local Long distance

Get Unlimited Business VoIP Calling

With c2cvoip you don’t have to worry about when or where you dial and how long your calls last. We have put an end to counting minutes! We allow our customers to call anywhere in the United States and Canada as much as they want at no additional charge. We offer simple flat-rate pricing that allows our customers to know exactly how much their service will cost without having to guess.

c2cvoip customer get:

  • Free extension-to-extension calling anywhere in the world
  • Free 7-digit dialing to local numbers
  • Unlimited, anytime calls to any telephone number in the United States and Canada

Simple and Straight Forward Billing. No Hidden Fee’s

For traditional phone companies their goal is to make your phone bill as complicated as possible so they can nickel and dime you to death. Your phone bill will have a never ending list of line items where they charge you for everything from having a phone line to a big list of fees. They also give you that little discount that is intended to make you feel better about your bill.

With c2cvoip our seats come with unlimited local and long distance calling for one price. Your phone bill is easy to understand, and the price never changes. So you know exactly what your bill is and what you are getting. No secrets and no tricks.

I was shocked when I received my monthly bill from c2cvoip. There were about 5 line items on it. It was very simple to understand and they made it real easy for me to see what I was getting. Having a simple bill also makes it real easy to add services. I simply call and tell them I want another seat and it is done. Fast and easy!

Mitchell Webb, Webb Security
c2cvoipUnlimited Local Long distance