General How To

Voice Mail:

You can check your voicemail inbox via your phone:

  • Type *123 on your phone to access voicemail.
  • Provide your voicemail password.
  • Type 1 to hear your unread voice messages.

By default, when the voicemail is received, a notification is sent to your email. This email, if not set otherwise, will have the voice file attached to it.

General Voice Mail:

In order to access custom voice mailboxes from any extension, dial *124 , after you hear message “Comedian mail, mailbox?” enter ‘mailbox number‘, you will be prompted to enter PIN for that extension.

Example: From extension 201 dial *124 and after “Comedian mail mailbox” message is played enter 200 to get to the mailbox for extension 200, After you enter correct PIN you will be granted with access to the voicemail box for extension 200.

Transfer a Call to another Extension:

During a call, press Transfer. The active call is placed on hold.
Enter the number to which you want to transfer the call.
When you hear the ring-back sound, do one of the following:

  • Press Transfer again to complete the transfer.
  • Stay on the line and speak with the person you want to transfer to. When ready, press Transfer to transfer the call.

Transfer a Call Directly to Voicemail:

To transfer an active call to a voicemail box, press # and then *125. After this, just dial the extension number and your call will be transferred to that extension voicemail box.

Example: # *125 1001

Or use the transfer button instead of #:

Example: (transfer button) * 125 1001
and your call will be transferred to the other user’s voicemail box.

Call Parking:

During active conversation dial #700 or press the Park softkey
The call will be parked on first available Call Park Extension.  This is usually 701 or 702.  Parked calls can be picked up from any system Extension by dialing the parked Extension number (‘701’)

Call Forwarding:

This service forwards calls to other extensions depending on the extension response/status. For example, calls can be forwarded to other extensions (local/remote) or voice boxes unconditionally, or only if the extension is busy, nobody answers the call, or the line is unavailable.

If none of the destinations answer, the call is directed to the extension’s voicemail.

To enable, dial *71 + Destination
To disable, dial *72

Destination can be another extension on your system or an external number.  When entering an external number use the full 11 digit telephone number of the destination.
Note: Dialing *71 alone will use the same destination that had been previously set.

To record an IVR greeting:

Dial *301 from your extension and speak into the microphone after the tone.


You will need to press # to finish recording, then a voice menu will be played with three available options:

1 – Accept the message
2 – Listen to your message
3 – Re-record the message

Only after you press 1 will your greeting message be recorded.

Notify support that you have recorded a new IVR Greeting and request the new greeting be put in place.
Now every call that comes into this IVR will play your cutom greeting message

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