International Calling

Save on International Calls

c2cvoip offers some of the lowest international calling rates in the industry:

  • VoIP Technology:
    We route our calls over the Internet using VoIP to bypass traditional phone company lines saving you 50-90% on crystal-clear international phone calls. You pay less and get a higher quality voice sound.
  • Geography:
    If you have an office or customers in other countries and have not switched your business to VoIP you are throwing money away. It is that simple!
  • Quality:
    International calls use the same HD Voice Technology used in domestic calling. This means high quality international calling with perfect clarity.
  • Low Rates:
    Save big money and cut your international calling rates in ½.
  • Control:
    Your administrators can designate which of your employees can make toll calls by granting international dialing permissions. You control the calling parameters for every system user.

** For custom pricing for particular countries and origins call us today. 1-855-749-3314

I do 1/2 my business in Mexico so I saw huge savings in international calling by switching to VoIP. I saved more than 75% on my international calling bills. Actually everything with a VoIP phone system is cheaper than a traditional phone system. Not only did I save lots of money I gained in features. Switching to VoIP has turned out to be a great decision for us!

Kevin Johnson, Baja Ride Company
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